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What Is a Creative Solution?

The Creative Process
Graphic design brings together two different things: artistic creation and the practical world of commerce. Put simply, it is intelligence made visual. A designer is a creative artist who deals with the realities of planning, from assessing client needs and crafting a solution to selecting appropriate materials (papers, inks, glues, and varnishes), maintaining strict budgets, and understanding visual communication.

Creative Solutions
A designer must make connections between creativity and process in the mind in order to successfully communicate a message to an audience and answer a client's needs.

What Is a Creative Solution?
At its core, a creative solution solves a client's problem through the design medium/language. It is...

  • appropriate for the client's product, spirit, and objectives.
  • communicated clearly.
  • functional. A package has to open. A pictogram has to identify. A map has to direct.
  • impactful.
  • memorable.
  • original.
  • fresh, stimulating, exciting, and stunning.
  • executed appropriately and well.

Thinking Creatively

by Robin Landa

Turn knowledge into power, unlock your imagination, and get a firm grasp on creative visual thinking. This book reveals dozens of idea-generating techniques from top designers -- along with insight on how they apply creative visual thinking to real-world projects. Through 44 visual thinking exercises, you'll learn to better communicate your own ideas and feelings in order to increase your creative potential and the number of successful designs in your portfolio.